Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Innisfree: "Beauty Secrets of the Dead"

Thanks to Greg McBride, poet editor of Innisfree Poetry Journal for including "Beauty Secrets of the Dead" in the fall 2010 issue. I hope you enjoy my poem as well as the work of other contributors.


  1. Marvellous. Many thanks for the link. It's great to be exposed to other poets' work, too.

    Greetings from London.

  2. Mim, your poem is stunning--wonderful lines, the way the poem pours down the page as the speaker learns the terms of her friend's death, and perhaps her own. Humor--you have everything but the thick hair--and later, 'hair thick as a chow's" I absolutely love this poem.

  3. Thank you, Bloggerones, and good luck with your work.

  4. Your poem brings to mind Sadly Madly Deeply with Juliet Stevenson and Alec Rickman. It also is about the surprising and unsentimental lives of the of the dead. Death and loss can only be resolved, finally, in the dream state.

    Their off-handedness: that's the nicest thing about the dead. And their not caring about your worries.

    Speaking of the dead: I think back to your comments on Catulus. Your poem Leaves in the current Bluejewyorker is in his anarchic spirit. A wonderful antidote to a lady’s “autumn poem.”

  5. Thanks, thoughtful Bluedog. Your phrase, the "unsentimental lives of the dead" is fresh, surprising, and succinct. I've always thought the Rickman character was self-involved, but I like your take much better since it applies to the director and writer's point of view. I can't forget that film.

    The Blue Jew Yorker stirs things up. Not many editors would have published this unladylike poem--happy you like it.

    Warm regards from Boston, and yours for Catullus!

  6. I love this poem. Jasmine indeed.

  7. Mim-

    Your poem stunned me.

    I am sitting here like a bomb went off in my hands. My ears are ringing.

    Beautiful language, gorgeous images, and despair, and despair, and love...

    You knocked my socks off. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  8. You got it, Tearful! I'm grateful.

    Yours for pho shining,

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  10. J'adore! I will carry those images around with me for the rest of the day, get them out and examine them from time to time.

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