Sunday, November 14, 2010


Writing is harder than breaking stones, Yeats wrote. Not first drafts but revising. I've been away, revising. Now it's bliss to walk to the pond and bumble around rocks. The dog pack thinned out. I didn't have to avoid the larger dog gang, people with their dogs, sometimes more than a dozen, chattering, beside themselves with cozy fellow feeling. J. calls them smug, entitled, while I say these suburbanites seem to know little about animals. They like to see dogs frolic in packs on play dates. They call it freedom.

Between rocks and dog gangs, I choose rocks--these from Ice Age glaciers.

In the woods a single chocolate lab ran at me hard, eager to play. I liked him, spoke to him, then went on bumbling toward the sun.


  1. Mim, why are they smug? I think I don't get the point..
    wish you many more walks like this, with such a wonderful cold-looking but sunny sky.

  2. Hello, Barbara. I appreciate your comment.

    Smilla, Thank you for your kind wishes! "Smug," J. says, because, according to him., the dog schmooze gang is pleased to break the law and feel they are entitled to let their dogs run free, even though they may be a hazard to others, especially children. I avoid the pack. Though I did make a crack about doggy civil disobedience. All the best to you in Cologne!

  3. i love to come across big boulders in the woods; they seem to have wisdom, spirit-lives--called manitou, i think. i like dogs; but i liked them better before they wore clothes. :)

  4. Dear Mim, the landscape near your home (I'm presuming) is so beautiful. There's something about the N. Hemisphere light at this time of year; everything's intensified. Those huge glacial rocks look potent and mysterious. What stories might they tell if they could speak (and we could understand). I'm excited to think you've been away revising. Hard work, yes - impenetrable as stone at times, but when stones yield, they offer up gems and water.
    Love, Claire.

    PS. Devotion and The Dark Opens are on my bedside table, along with Melissa's Color, The Squanicook Eclogues, May Sarton's Journal of a Solitude (have you read this) and other treasures. I am in good company!

  5. I am in the stone quarry, Mim. I like revising, though - find it less back-breaking.

    Yours for bumbling towards

  6. Good to hear from you all as we bumble . . .

    Yes, Claire, have read Melissa Green's work and also May Sarton's. As for mine . . . once the work's out of my hands I don't go back much. I'm glad those books are in your hands now. Generous of you!

    Sue, I'm with you about making dogs into dolls.

    Mim for Rocks!

  7. Very nice photos!
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