Monday, January 17, 2011

Playful South Beach

There are times when the passing scene is playful and language delightful: the two C's in Corn on the Cob, "Friendly John," "Bob's Barricades"--I didn't get a shot of those. Tell me what surprised and delighted you today.

Lawn jockey holding a lamp, cinder blocks, white impatiens, white curlicues: we humans are able and determined to create arrangements.

Seven small, post-like plaster lions stationed on this fence, two more life-size lions near the door.

South Point Park is sculpted, the carved/molded hill a backdrop for shadows in the late afternoon.

The lighthouse-lifeguard station appears through the planted 'wild' area.

Figures on the slant. I didn't tilt my camera. People gather here at sunset.

These three on the hill did not look up at the towering condo.

The Habana is miles from Cuba. Workers have filled the cracks in the facade so the crazed surface appears startling white. (Mostly I've seen crazed surfaces on glazed plates, miniature lines compared to these.) I hope they keep those bold colors. Buildings shift and settle on land that was once a mangrove swamp.


  1. One was indeed able to 'feel' the movement of time while looking at your photography. Interesting the last picture, which I like much. May time and life treat those buildings and its people kind.

    To my surprise, me son started to write his first letters, so far the I, O and T. Life must be good. Please have a wonderful Tuesday.

    daily athens

  2. I love the (free-form) flow of this post. And there you have it, three 'Fs' in a row. :-)

    What delighted me today was to read a couple of brilliant poems over at Theodore's blog, one of my latest 'discoveries'. The man can write! And what I love the most about his poetry is its dynamic nature.

    Many thanks for you visual and verbal treat. I loved that phtoo of South Point Park.

    Greetings from London.

  3. What amused me today was the women at the mall, wearing giant puffy fake fur vests, leggings, and beastly ankle-furred boots, giving the effect of a pack of freshly-clipped poodles our for their afternoon walk. The only thing missing was the bow in their hair!

    Your header photo was a burst of much-welcomed color in this perpetually grey Pacific Northwest.

  4. Bloggsters , Cuban, Robert in Athens, T. Clear: I enjoy reading about your pleasures and amusements: son's writing first letters, poet Theodore--must look him up--fur get-ups.

    T. Clear--what is it with all that fur!?. Fashion here to wear furry winter boots, though the temp is 70.

    Yours for flamboyant trees . . .

  5. Finding my friend Tricia Lockwood's poem in Poetry. I was more excited for her than when I held my first book. Almost :)

  6. Thank you, R.K., for spreading the word!

  7. Today's delight was climbing trees, Mim (a small forest of dead wood to cut out) and I'm once again able to see the sea from my bath tub!

    I so love meandering around SoBe with you - you offer us one unexpected delight after another. Thanks, Mim xo

  8. I love the tilt-y photographs, Mim; it fits my image of what South Beach must be like, a sort of off-filter version of what we New Englanders think of as reality.
    what has amused me: i wish i had taken some pix; but, last night cleaned out a cupboard where i keep plastic containers and empty jam and peanut butter jars, "just in case".
    i spread them all over the kitchen floor, arranged by genre in ascending rows. it looked like an invading army. i ordered them to march to the recycling bin.

  9. Mim, wonderful photos! I love the ones you made in the park, with those askewed horizons.
    What surprised me today? I was at the train, seeing many things outside, I would have loved to take pictures: 6 or 7 big bouquets of red roses, wrapped in brown paper, leaning on the groundfloor of a platform against a column of steel with 6 or seven men, standing there, smoking. I was so curious about the story behind that scene...
    A large group of young kids, waiting for a train, all of them wearing a red cap, even if they had a "private hat" underneath, or if the cap didn't really fit...
    A man, sitting in a hoge window of a cofeeshop, dark inside the cafe, he was waering a turquoise lambswool-sweater, gray hairs, lost in his book...
    wonderful moments..
    all the best from cologne

  10. Many fine moments: tree pruning, jar-sorting, glimpses of sea, roses, men smoking, red caps, a lone man reading.

    New Zealand; Portland, Maine, Cologne--hello, witnessing, recording blog friends!

  11. A day of small pleasures - son's warm voice on the telephone, black specks in the ice cream from vanilla pod. These pictures of yours are delightful and make me think of Alice in Wonderland.