Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Forget about macro. Try working small. There are daikon radish in the green pot and cress in the muffin tins. I punched holes in the muffin tin with an ice pick--easy. Water must drain. Isn't that an enormous ash tray?! Repurposing--awful word--is satisfying.

Fiona Hill's book, "Microgreens," is my guide, and already I've tasted a cress leaf, a primary one, but will be patient and wait until the secondary leaves come in.

Though I like working small, I don't want to shrink. My friend R., who has been lifting weights for years, is doing well at eighty! I've begun to lift at a local class and like it. I'm working with small weights, a present from J., They are red, my color.

What are you growing?


  1. What a nice picture... As of yesterday I'm growing an orange tree in a can :-) I guess it'll take a while before a picture will show anything at all.

  2. Glad you liked the photo. I had wondered whether my camera made it all look too nice. There was only a tablespoon of composted manure mixed into the soil but still there's a faint wiff.

  3. Lemons and a few oranges, which make bright winter months over here. Otherwise currently meself, which is a lot of work, as I found out.
    Please have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Greece is the place for oranges and lemons, Robert.

    Warm regards from Boston

  5. some people have bathtubs bigger than my garden!
    nonetheless, i have:
    4 kinds of lettuce
    several different 'heirloom' tomatoes, but i forget what kind, and i lost their little markers....(they'll be surprise tomatoes!)

    lettuce is plentiful, as are the herbs, tomatoes are about the size of golf balls, and green...

    i wait. impatiently.

  6. Susan--don't the lettuce and herbs from your garden taste alive? Supermarket lettuce, for the most part, tastes dead.

    Nothing to do for the tomatoes except wait and hope for sun!

  7. Real informative and love microgreen

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  9. Thank you for your comments. I'll be posting again soon.

    Crop after crop of tiny greens are coming in.

    Be well.

  10. Não sei você vai entender o meu comentário, mas não posso deixar de dizer que as flores de flamboyant são lindas. Depois dos ipês, são as que eu mais gosto.

  11. Hello, Anabela. Welcome to the flowers . . .

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