Saturday, August 18, 2012

Neighborhood Pleasures

It's been far too long away--away at my desk, putting together a new book, away taking art classes with M.S., away to the pond.  A few days ago J. and I went to the Cambridge Public Library and took the elevator up to the children's floor.  There's a delightful corner with a view and a carpeted area in which to sprawl and loll with books and toys.

The carpet is sculpted.  I could feel the soft humps through my crocs.

The giant zinnias are coming into their own.  Tomorrow the magenta ones should open.  Magenta!

Turtles come up to sun themselves, always the same rocks, always their heads facing the same way.

Another neighborhood sight--a rare one in this liberal area.  I smile whenever I see it.  Why does this display give me so much pleasure?  The fixed, frozen quality, I believe, the display of foolishness.    


  1. Was only yesterday, that I read, 'every writing is able to teach' - wonderful first picture ! Excellent comment upon the car.

  2. It's good to hear from you, Robert. If you click on the picture of the car, you will be able to read the bumper stickers easily.

    Regards to you in Athens!

  3. regarding the car with the bumper stickers...only in America! the freedom to have a big mouth!

    1. Hello, Jennifer:

      Cheers for big mouths!

  4. Dear Mim
    I love all the color leaping off the screen!
    WIll you photograph the magenta bloom when it opens, please?
    The things you discover on your neighborhood walks are always a treat.
    The carpet in the children's corner of the library is magnificent!
    Love to you from a wet and wintry Dunedin
    Claire xo

    1. Dear Claire:

      It's full summer here and good to hear from you. I'll post some photos of the magenta zinnias. Are you keeping warm?


  5. Dear Mim
    It has been a brisk winter but all the signs of spring are here - bluebells and daffodils are starting to nudge their way up through the soil and my cherry tree is about to burst into flower. I love Spring and Autumn most - life's will to thrive evident everywhere! There's nothing quite like the feel of grass beneath bare feet. Magenta Zinnias! Looking forward to seeing them, Mim. As a child I wished for a swimming cap decorated with zinnias and hydrangeas! My grandmother had one with 'just' hydrangeas and I loved it!

    Love from NZ, Claire xo

  6. Thanks, dear Claire, for stopping by and giving us a picture of spring in New Zealand.

    Be well!