Sunday, September 9, 2012

Drawing with Melissa Shook


Melissa Shook and I have been drawing together at the dining room table.  "Parallel play," someone called it.  Play for the sake of play, without ambition, trying to do justice to the tomatoes, onions, and pear.  We never got to the potatoes.

Melissa likes to work with  pen and ink.  The lines build up and gather mass.  The color is from oil pastels.  Melissa brought a dandy set.

She's fearless with brown.

We left the porch door open.  The breeze came in.

The ball chair is good for the back.  Melissa's dog Bogie kept us company.

I was happy with onions.

Onions and a single pear.

I want to you see these marvelous tomatoes!  We ate it with dinner--the large red one.  Another friend joined us.  First big big green olives and Vovray, then corn chowder made from Rebecca Loudon's recipe, followed by the tomato with olive oil, garlic and basil, ice cream sandwiches for dessert.


  1. Oh! What fun, Mim - and so lovely to see pics of you and Melissa creating together around your dining room table. Warmest bestest to you both, Claire xo

  2. Hello, Claire! Some day we might all be drawing together.

    Love from Mim

  3. This is so much fun and I was as happy as I look...thanks, Mim...xxo

  4. What a lovely idea, the drawings have a gorgeous feel of autumn. I do like that ball chair, I have a ball for my back, did not know you could get a whole chair!

  5. i love this. you both are adorable. mim in her blue crocs, melissa in her bright flame of a wristwatch. sigh....

  6. Everything feels so happy and right. Thank you.

  7. Best regards to all. It was a happy time drawing with Melissa!

  8. I love this kind of play - and these images are altogether lovely.

  9. Good to hear from you Signs! Melissa and I drew again today--incredibly harmonious.

    Be well,

  10. I had fun just watching the two of you getting on with it. Great post. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  11. Hello, Cuban:

    Melissa and I will be drawing together again soon.

    I'm happy you liked the post.

    Best to you from rainy Boston

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