Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Miami Sky

It's not often the moon shows through a clotting up mackerel sky. This one's a beauty, full, silver.

Meridian Avenue is quiet tonight. We've finished a dinner of beans and rice. The door to the little balcony is wide open; from time to time a voice floats up from the street, indistinct.

I'm savoring the quiet after sitting next to a wild child on the flight down. A little mite, maybe two and a half or three years old, with her mother. At one point I heard the mother pray to Jesus in Portuguese. She was a saint of patience. The little girl would shriek, tireless, squirming, flailing, in charge. Three and a half hours! Until she slept, after her mother had nursed her, for the last five minutes of the flight. I can still see her pretty, charming face, heart-shaped, with dark eyes. She never smiled. I drank lots of water; even today I'm drinking glass after glass.


  1. ...that is a good recipe; drinking lots of water in 'uneasy-situations'
    truly, its simple but I know it works, doing some good for oneself- just water. I need to keep that in mind, and think of it more often...

    a nice and warm new years eve to you!

  2. I'm drinking water too but that's in response to the heat here in Melbourne.

    Happy new year Mim, enjoy it where ever you are. at least now you're on land again after the flight that shrieked.

    It's the trapped feel of being in an airplane that gets to me. There's nowere to go. Patience is all.

    Two hours to go for us till Midnight and a new new year. May it be a joyous one for you and yours, as I hope it is for us

  3. oh, oh, oh, you are letting the outside in while we're trying to keep the outside out..
    have a glorious time...

  4. what a wonderful poem....
    this is fun, I have to tell you....

  5. The best for the New Year and all the years to come. I hope we have many!