Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tea Time with Melissa

The other day I met Melissa at Sofra, which is usually so crowded it's impossible to find a place to sit, but not that day. The place cleared out at 3:30, and we had our choice of tables. I drank good camomile tea and ate an almond crumb bun. Melissa had the bad fortune to end up with a greasy wrap/sandwich, and a vile cup of coffee. She was wonderful about the bad food and drink, didn't mention the coffee until days later, and said only a few words about the wrap; though, when we were about to leave, she told the man behind the counter how greasy it was. It oozed oil.

Served bad food, many people seethe, grumble, and ruin what could be a good time. Not Melissa. We talked and laughed. I first met her at the Bagel Bards, which gathers every Saturday morning at Au Bon Pain in Davis Square. We also follow each other's blogs. If I had not met her actually I'm not sure I would have had the courage to meet her in the flesh. Meeting people through blogging is a lot like carrying on an epistolary correspondence: we become acquainted with the narrative self: a composed persona, no matter how fragmented the post may be. I am afraid of disappointing in person.

I tried to find a dog ornament for Melissa's tree--she is devoted to dogs--but had to settle for a mouse-like dog. She liked it!

The weather was bitterly cold, but Sofra was warm, the toilet even hotter. I staggered out, faint: "It's as hot as a sauna in there," I said, and we laughed again.


  1. How lovely to see you and Melissa come alive in the flesh beyond your blog correspondence.

    I've heard it happens eldsewhere too and it's not always as bad as some people imagine.

    Our writing persona does bear some relation to who we are, at least some of the time. I hope.

  2. well, it's been wonderful to get to know Mim...I doubt she would have met me just by blog because I'm just too heavy-duty and I imagine that she wishes I'd leave my poor self alone, but she's gorgeous and tolerant and funny. One of the best things about Mim is that she carries this lively conversational personna (sp?) with her so that she starts all meetings with positive energy. I, on the other hand, carry my somber self and end up nodding as someone talks about her hard life. Mim would change that around in a wink, bringing new life to the conversational.
    Anyway, I was as brave as I get, taking that oily thing back to the cashier who turned his large eyes toward it, without much interest, and nodded. Sofra is just amazing, with lists of things you can eat, gorgeous pillows, copper tables, nice music and a bathroom I could have lived in.
    And those are very nice photographs! who would believe she's a good photographer, too?

  3. Well, here we all are, in a virtual place warmed by our words. Be well. Peace and Joy!

    Melissa, you are too kind.

  4. Mim, I don't quite know how it has happened that we both read many of the same blogs from various locations on the planet, but there you have it!

    Wishing you the best.....T.

  5. Melissa is utterly beautiful. How I wish I could have joined you but I fear I am more of a whoopie cushion type of person and would have embarrassed myself with my donkey laugh and pink shoes.

  6. T. Clear: It must be elective affinities. Merry and Bright Holidays.

    Radish, are you kidding? I'm loud too. Wish I could find pink or red in the type of shoes I must wear.

    Yours for poetry and lighting every candle in the house!