Monday, January 25, 2010

Taking It Easy

My friend said, "Some days I don't do much of anything." I was shocked, but yesterday I didn't do much of anything--a day without ambition. After breakfast I mopped the kitchen floor. By eleven thirty J. and I were at the Epicure for brunch. I took my ticket at the counter, number 25, and waited my turn. Only one person had the skill to slice sable--"It's carp," my friend M. would say--and I had to wait until he was free. J. ate chicken salad. We talked about our family's coming visit.

After a siesta--I slept deeply enough to dream--we walked to South Point Park, stopping at our allotment at the community garden on Collins, below Fifth Street. The bok choy has tripled in size. J. dead-headed the marigolds.

The wind was fierce as we walked past the tall buildings at the point but quieted down once we got clear of them. A cruise ship passed.

I studied the patterns in the stone.

And appreciated the people dressed all in white.

There was a wedding on the beach.

The lovers wrapped themselves around each other.

The surfer rose on a wave.

We walked along the shore and came home.


  1. Oh, I wish I had been "doing nothing" with you yesterday! It looks like a perfectly wonderful way to spend the day.

  2. It was, Rebecca. Glad to meet you!

  3. I love those days; but you need to have kind of a talent for this, and I can't always reach mine...
    Yes, that was the mail I ment; glad it wasn't lost somewhere.
    why have you been shocked?

  4. Shocked because when I heard my friend talk about lazy days, I couldn't imagine such a thing. I tended always to push myself.

  5. I think just letting the day come and take it as it happens can be a great way of meditation, or refill energys. I always try to low down the pushing voice in me..

  6. ooh, you have a garden? marigolds? bok choy? paradise!
    much love..

  7. It's really J.'s garden, Melissa. He does all the work. I do wash the greens. One of the gardeners just bought a studio condo for $60,000 right next to the garden. It needs a lot of fixing, which he is doing himself. Are you thinking of living in South Beach part of the year?

  8. The beach part sold me very quickly! The problem is taking too many lazy days, and the onset of guilt that comes after. Or so I find..

  9. One lazy day a week won't bring on guilt, will it, Lewis? I hope not.