Friday, October 15, 2010

Morris Engel, Photographer

Morris Engel took wonderful pictures! Here's one, "Coney Island."

When I was out walking in the woods with M.S., I pointed to a rocky ledge. "It's comprehensible," said M. The figures in this photo are comprehensible too, aren't they? Tell me, what do you comprehend?


  1. Right now? Not a lot, to be honest, Mim. But the people in the photo, then ago and now, don't mind - their moment is justified entirely. A comrehension, then, after all - perhaps.

  2. i love the photography from this era, out of the Photo League.
    i like the skin on this photograph, much less of it than we might see on a beach today, but far more sensual, really.

  3. Navy officer on leave with (maybe?) girlfriend. She loves him to keep his hat on. They're celebrating... perhaps getting engaged? Lovely photo.

    Greetings from London.

  4. How hopefull a celebration of life, love and happiness. How fleeting.

    Thank you.

    Please have a wonderful weekend.

    daily athens

  5. Im glad to appreciate with you!

  6. Coney Island was certainly an iconic venue in the 40's. I remember the Life photos of bathers crammed together on the beach and in the water seemingly for miles. This was all before the suburbs where the blue collar class could create their tiny paradises. No one had a better feel for that world than Morris Engel. Many photographers worked that beach beat too: Lisette Model was one, I think.

    Engel did a wonderful film called "The Little Fugitives" in which two boys from the urban underclass escape to Coney Island for an adventure. Very touching, innocent and beautiful. A must-see for anyone interested in what the period really looked like and how it felt to be a child.

    Your loyal readers will recall that the cover photo of your novel "In Paterson" was an elegant Engel shot portraying the other end of the social hierarchy.

  7. Bluedog--I wish more people knew about Engel's work. Isn't he credited with creating the first new-wave film? I've seen Coney Island only in pictures. His daughter, Mary, gave me permission to post "Coney Island" and to use her father's photo for the cover of "In Paterson." Loyal reader Bluedog! Thank you!

  8. Oh, my bad english...a few days ago, when I saw this post, I missunderstood the word of comprehense... somehow I thought of 'compare'. Since then, from time to time, I figure abut what I compare. Then, because of not being able, to find out the sense of your question concerning this picture, I thought I'd have a look on the other comments. What do they compare?
    ...Well, then it finally sunk in...

    Now I`m confused.

    I just like the picture. It's easy...

    all the best, Smilla

  9. Smilla:

    I'd really flounder in German. You get the picture and English.

    Hello from Boston to you in Cologne . . .

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