Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wear and Wild

My work glove split; my thumb poked through. Now I've lost this glove and its mate in the garden, where they are wearing more, like these B. found when digging up a sumac.

B. said she wondered whether she would find a body. No body, no bones, yet right for my kind of Halloween. I lost those gloves years ago. B. and I admired them together--lacy holes, leather thumb dangling, rootlets. I found the label, still intact. The leather was still pliant. After a few days in the house the gloves have stiffened. I'll bury them again.

Some say gardens are tame. Don't believe it! Look closely. The ground hog is digging deep.

A creature has eaten a window-like hole in the pumpkin, carved it, scattered seeds, a wonderfully neat job. My efforts for Halloween will not involve gnawing and digging--no pumpkin carving. Ghosts only in my dreams.


  1. the dug-up garden gloves are beautiful, arent they? i wouldnt mind aging like that, as though i were just fading away, decomposing, but with the essence intact....

  2. What an honest and real mean to measure time and life.

    Please have you all a peacefilled Friday.

    daily athens

  3. You know that those gloves in pictures 2 and 3 (top to bottom) look like pieces of art. I bet you knew that already. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  4. These gloves look like something from an archeological dig, Mim, simply wonderful.

    How the earth and its creatures return us to earth.

  5. You're all digging with me--gently!


  6. Your gloves retrieved from the clutches of the garden look some something Otzi the Iceman was wearing when his remains were discovered in The Alps.

    What a lovely post -- spare and understated, yet rich and evocative.

  7. T. Clear, Aren't the remains of the iceman fascinating! Here things decay much more quickly.

    Many thanks from from east to west . . .

  8. This is such a thoughtful and beautiful and beautifully written post. I love both pair of gloves and adore you for re-burying the oldest pair. No garden that is truly a garden is ever tame. I have gourds and squash going wild and flowers fighting the winds. I fear this week's early rains will drown everything but this is how it should be it is the way of the northwest.

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