Sunday, June 19, 2011


In a few days I'll be leaving South Beach and wanted a few pictures to remind me of the view. Twilight today: a view I'd never see without my little camera.

It's been a quiet day. Scorching weather at first. J. and I closed ourselves in. Air conditioning on. Simple Father's Day lunch. For post Bloom's Day, between the first course and the main, we read passages from Joyce's Ulysses out loud. Short passages, stumbling here and there. I like the words Joyce gives to Simon Dedalus: ". . . that will open her eyes as wide as a gate. I'll tickle his catastrophe, believe you me." Smiling we finished our lunch and talked about other things.

The weather changed. Rain at last. The storm blew out. Clear air. Brilliant sunset. How are you all? I've been caught up with packing and sorting and haven't had time to check in.


  1. Blimey. Where are you moving to, Mim? And how does it feel to be leaving South Beach?

  2. we miss you, up here, Mim. it's been gorgeous, those clear, blue-sky June days, with a light breeze, peonies putting on a shockingly (for New England) brazen display...glad youre coming back!

  3. Blimey for sure, dear Signs. I'm heading up north to Massachusetts. Now that temperature in the 90s, it's time to leave South Beach--so glad to be escaping the heat though I'll miss being so close to the ocean. Our shared Atlantic . . .

    Susan--we must have a reunion! Roses in bloom in June, right?

  4. i love the fulgurant aspect of your twilight... and that red Delonix!

  5. Longing much for rain me own, I thank you for the many memories of it and of the book as well.
    Please have a good journey you all.

  6. The blogger above (Prospero) had said what I wanted to say... I'm a bit slow sometimes, sigh....

  7. Prospero--yours for brilliant.

    Is there any such thing as a tame lion?

    Prospero and The Tame Lion--delighted to meet you . . .

    Thank you, Robert in Athens . . .