Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wild Vine in Art Deco Land

The tree strip--in this part of Florida they call it a "swale"--is parched; a hot wind raises dust, yet a volunteer vine zooms across a weedy neglected patch in front of a boarded up building.

Will you help me identify the vine. Watermelon?

The growing tip has felt its way to chain link. Do you see the tendrils? I wish it would rain. The vine would grow even more. Can you imagine the chain link covered with green?


  1. All courage and kudos to this volunteer vine, Mim.

    I wonder it it might be a courgette/zucchini/squash of sorts?

    L, C x

  2. It might be, Claire. I'm keeping an eye on it. June is usually the rainy month here, but so far almost no rain. "Drought" officially declared.

    Tender greetings from South Beach . . .

  3. I can't even properly identify things that grow in my own back garden :)

    But send good wishes to the vine, which you have brought to my attention.