Friday, October 7, 2011


It was marvelous to see this still life in a private apartment near Harvard Square. Someone arranged it for the passerby, kept the shade up. I wonder what happens at night. I wonder whether the still life is lit then.

Duck, horse, church, red tassel, sage, shoebox, carrousel riders but no carrousel. What else is there? What can you see? Not the absent person. Do you make altar-like arrangements like this one?

On another day, this time at the pond: snarled, useless fishing line and fly caught the light.

Fretted leaves make shadows.

October days: I want to be out, in them.


  1. They do indeed provide some kind of rope to hold on to, keeping life intact. And yes, there are a few arrangaments alike in my book shelf, returning home they provide peace and a welcome chance to discuss them with my four year old son.

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  3. Hi Mim - the tortoise has landed! I've been here a few times since you posted this piece but left without leaving a message. I've been rather a distracted, distractible person lately. . .

    I create little altars, yes. And then I re-create them so that they and their components are energized and appreciated again. They offer a sense of quiet and sanctuary, don't you find?

    I love the things you notice on your walks, Mim, and the things you give voice to. I hope all is well in your part of the world.

    Love to you, Claire xo

  4. Chance sights and the things we arrange, break up, rearrange, discard, save.

    And now momentary quiet with you . . . your words.

  5. Making window displays for passersby seems like a lovely idea...
    I once wanted to make a dashboard display of endless small icon, but didn't because they would have been statues of saints who I knew nothing about...and those cars that are covered with decoration!!!

  6. Good! You've stopped by this blog-window display, Melissa. Have you seen those cars decorated on the outside with glued-on smurfs, etc.?

  7. What powerful perception you have, Min. I enjoy your poems at the "occupy" site very much indeed. And the photos are extraordinary, a real insight!
    I've bookmarked and followed you, don't want to lose sight of events you know so well to poetize about. Greetings from Argentine Patagonia. Hope you pass by my site; even tho' it's in Spanish, there's lots of English info in the sidebar. Best!

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