Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Up north this year, remembering the snowy winter of 2011, someone protected his trees. These are huge trees. They surround the property, each one shrouded in burlap. After sights like this, it's been freeing to bum around South Beach and see a man playing the violin in Flamingo Park.

And delightful to find this modest statue of Simon Bolivar, the liberator of South America. He looks thoughtful among the baobab trees in Collins Park. It's been a day for strolling through parks.

It must be especially lucky to touch wood when it's the wood of the baobab tree.

The post office on 13th Street is embellished with the statue of a fish.

It is, I suppose, unfair to compare north and south, but up north we tend to tighten up, hunch our shoulders against the cold, and prepare for the worst. Yet there is such a thing as overprotection. I wonder how much it cost to wrap those large trees.


  1. Mim I'm glad you're back again.
    Your post reminds me of a picture I saw today, and which really made me feel completely helpless. A tree is in the photo, getting felled for a train station which many many people don't even want.
    It always hurts me deeply, if the stupidness of some single persons kill things and trees and whatever which were slowly, slowly growing into this world.

    Here's the photo:

    I know, I'm getting off the point of your post, but this was my first assocaiation, a picture in front of my inner eyes I've been trying to get rid of since a couple of hours.

  2. Hello, Smilla--
    It's delightful to hear from you, and I understand your feeling for the trees and how these experiences stay in us.
    Be well and warm greetings from South Beach!