Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"My Suffolk Downs" by Melissa Shook

Congratulations to Melissa Shook on the publication of My Suffolk Downs (, about which George Kalogeris writes:

"Melissa Shook's gift combines a documentary-photographer's eye and and ear perfectly pitched for vernacular. Her subject is the backside workers of the Suffolk Downs racetrack: the all too often broken down, troubled, bleak yet enduring lives of the hot-walkers, stall-muckers, horse-shoers, grooms and trainers . . . . Her book is a thrilling integration of common idiom, stoic clarity, and generous energy."

To this I would add: these are masterful photos with wonderful grays; Shook presents the clear, unsentimental voices of workers for whom the track is a mixed fate, voices gritty and gallant.


  1. Congratulations to wonderful Melissa. What a triumph. And it's good to drop in on you again Mim. I seem to miss your posts these days but you stay alive for me in between visits.

  2. Thank you for stopping by!

    Melissa's book is notable for its lack of ego. She lets others speak! The photos speak too.

  3. Thank you, Mim...that's very nice of you...

  4. A pleasure, Melissa. Looking forward to celebrating with you up North in the spring!

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