Friday, March 16, 2012

Maya Lin's "Flutter"

"Flutter, Maya Lin's earth-art, occupies just over an acre of land surrounding the Wilke D. Ferguson Jr. Courthouse, 400 N. Miami Avenue, Miami, FL. Yesterday J. and I drove in to see it. More than a acre of land: extraordinary! The land ripples. The park is wonderful to see in the aerial shot above, which shows the subtle quality of Lin's work. On foot, we saw the flutter up close. The place was nearly empty except for us, and two people strolling through. No one in the seating area. Do people come out at lunch time?

If Maya Lin had included a playground, the park might draw more people. (Sculptor, Isomu Noguchi, whose landscape designs are akin to Lin's, designed remarkable playgrounds.)

At the edge of the park, not part of Lin's design, we found this tree. If you know its name, please let me know.

PS: Bluedog, in his comment, mentioned Storm King. Here's photo of Lin's "Wavefield" at Storm King.


  1. There is a similar, but larger, wave installation at Storm King in upsate NewYork, also by Maya Line. But nothing of hers that I have seen matches the Viet Nam Memorial in D.C.

  2. Hello, Bluedog:

    The earth-work at Storm King is "Wavefield."

    I'll look for more of her work.

    Warm regards from South Beach

  3. Isn't the site unusual, Robert?

    All the best to you in Athens!