Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bumming Around

When I stopped working for a living some people suggested I take part-time work or volunteer doing what I had done before. Not for me! I'd rather bum around and enjoy being useless. An exaggeration, to be sure, since sometimes I am useful. What does this have to do with these photos of the South Point Park 'lighthouse'? The lighthouse is useless as a guide for ships. What purpose does it have? Amusement? The shot was taken as I lay prone, looking up. Clouds moved. The tower seemed to sway. If you want to lose equilibrium, lie down under the 'lighthouse.'

A section of South Point Park is designed to make the clouds seem close. These skateboarders seem high as the clouds.

The strip of green in the distance is water. The photo doesn't capture the intense green, green as grass.

It's spring here. This plant flourishes in sand.

The trumpet trees are in bloom.

Tell me how you're wasting time? But is bumming around really wasting time? What can be more fertile than gazing?


  1. Mim, you're back! I'm a bit slow on the uptake, but haven't been around much in Blogworld myself. It's good to see you again.

    A friend of mine who stopped working said, "I'm taking the rest of my life off." Although she did end up going back to work (financial pressures), I still like those words.

    I am an experienced, single-tasking space-gazer. I'm not sure if this is wasting time. It has become a way of life now.

  2. thank you for this guide towards a different point of view (of and for life).

  3. Hello, Signs--it's good to hear from you! Wishing you more space-gazing.

    Robert: you gaze with your camera.

    Warm regards from South Beach

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