Sunday, April 12, 2009

Done with Hairdressers!

For years I've paid hairdressers to cut and set my hair and more recently dye it, though my cousin remembers me as a teenager returning from the hairdressers and immediately washing my hair, which in our house meant soaping your head under the kitchen sink faucet--there was no shower in our bathroom.  I've always hated going to the hairdresser.

I have now freed myself from the detested ritual: I cut my own hair.  And I no longer dye it.  Every time I cut my own hair I feel an overwhelming sense of freedom.  No longer do I have to lean back in the chair and place my neck in the punishing notch of the tray at the sink for the preparatory shampoo; no longer do I have to make small talk with the hairdresser; no longer do I have to look at my face in the huge mirror, though my face has held up pretty well.  No longer do I have to submit to the blow-dryer.  And I love not having to spend the money. Though I went to the hairdressers infrequently, the bill and the tips added up.  

It was so easy to stop, but not as easy as refusing to wear high-heeled shoes and skirts.  The shoes hurt; I never looked good in skirts.  Is there another freedom in reach--and then another?  What other restraints may I throw off?  What habits of mind?  Let me think about it. I'll be reporting back soon.  


  1. I would love to be able to cut my own hair, but it is so unruly, not really possible. Well done to you for taking charge of those scissors!

  2. Thanks, nmj! What a relief never to have to put myself in the hairdressers' hands. I don't do a very good job but can cover the damage with a headband.