Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Terrible Mother's Day Present

Mothers Day Gift?  Not for me.  The "Jewelry for Life" necklace--"Order by May 7th for Mother's Day," says the ad--costs $590 for the chain and one bar.  "Bar" is right!  Each bar will be inscribed with the name of loved ones, and a date you must remember: birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  You'll never forget an important date because you'll be wearing the information around your imprisoned neck.  You will also have the satisfaction of showing off your loved ones.    

You can have your own name and birthday engraved on a bar.  Very handy when your memory starts to crumble. When was I born?  Not to worry.  Just look at your necklace, provided you can remember your name. 

What would be the equivalent piece of jewelry for Fathers Day?  I can't think of one, can you?

I've been lucky: sometimes I get flowers for Mothers Day; no one in my family is offended if I forget an important date; no one tries to put a gold rope around my neck.

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