Thursday, May 6, 2010

"She Loves Me"

Kristin Shoop Jenko and Jim Fitzpatrick

Kim Misci

Arlington Friends of the Drama presented a sparkling production of
She Loves Me, a musical based on a play by Miklos Laszlo that also inspired the films The Little Shop Around the Corner and You've Got Mail.

She Loves Me is a hopeful work. Perfume shop employees Georg Nowack (Jim Fitzpatrick) and Amalia Balash (Kristin Shoop Jenko) are constantly fighting at work but unaware that they have responded to each other's lonely-heart ads--they've used aliases--and become secret friends. By the end of the play they discover the truth and love triumphs. Amalia sings:

Ice cream. He brought me ice cream!
Vanilla ice cream! Imagine that!
Ice cream, and for the first time we were together without a spat!

Ilona (Ann McCoy), another shop employee, also finds love, at the library: A trip to the library has made a new girl of me.

Here's to vanilla ice cream--Sheila Rehrig made sure there was plenty at the production party-- libraries, brilliant musical director Brian Rehrig, director J. Mark Baumhardt, the crew and designers, and a cast that sang marvelously.

At the production party I asked whether I could take pictures. "We're actors!" someone answered.

left, Matthew Kossack; David Herder

Sheila Rehrig hosted the production party

left, Ann Mccoy; music director, Brian Rehrig

James Grana

Melissa Fenton

center, director J. Mark Baumhardt


  1. This looks like fun...
    how nice for them that you were there!

  2. It was fun, and I used to hate musical comedies, couldn't understand why someone would suddenly burst into song; I was all about dialogue, monologue--tragedy.

  3. nice pictures from a nice party; it looks like it at least.
    I try to imagine you behind the camera, while all the people smile at you.
    It's always kind of mystic; I read your blog, and there are always proofs that you move, that you are alive,;-) and I always try to get a feeling for the 'living person' behind the blog.
    Can you understand that?
    All the best from cologne to you, Mim, smilla

  4. Smilla, yes I do understand. What we photograph reveals something of us, though we don't photograph ourselves.

    The party was a happy one, in part because the play was a success, but mostly because the people were outgoing and charming.

  5. do ypu know zhe movie "8 femmes" by Francois Ozon?
    I didn't like plays or movies either with people bursting out in a song, like you wrote. But this one is really wonderful and worth seeing it. With wonderful actresses...simply great, and stunning costumes.

  6. sorry for all my 'written mistakes' ...

  7. Don't worry about mistakes, Smilla! I'll be sure to order film on Netflix.
    Warm regards to you in Cologne, despite the frost warning in the Boston area.

  8. I find the play's leitmotif alluring, how two people who bicker constantly can fall for each other when their eyes are covered (metaphorically speaking). It says a lot about presentation, truth and of course... love.

    Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

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