Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Long Live the Queen

It's good to have a queen.  I like to see people defer to a woman, especially an older woman. My British friends may disagree.  The expense is tremendous.  Even so, after witnessing the spectacles of disrespect to Sonia Sottomajor; Hillary Clinton, during her bid for the presidential nomination, and to older women in general, many of them given a corsage and taken out for an obligatory airing on Mother's Day,  I'm happy to see some bowing and curtseying to the Queen, who is now eighty-three years old.  

I'm also glad to see her have a good time.  She gets to dress up and ride in a gold coach.  She drinks Dubonnet and gin.  

Balmoral is only one of her castles.

In this country, women have to form societies dedicated to wearing purple or red hats or both. Not the queen, resplendent in red, and purple.

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