Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ready for Winter

The temperature will be in the nineties  today, but John is getting ready for winter.  He's using scrap lumber to repair the rotting shed.  Underneath this patchwork of re-cycled boards is another patchwork--floor, sills, stringers.  We keep our kindling in the shed so it's important to have it dry.  The shed needs a new gutter.  John wants to use half-round galvanized--not easy to find.  Nailed to the door of the shed is a horseshoe.  Where did he find it?

There's wood waiting to be stacked.  It will take a year to dry before it's ready to burn in our parlor stove.

Not so this kindling, split from old floorboards.  It will burn on a few sheets of newspaper.

If the furnace should stop, we'll have plenty of wood.  I like the heat of the woodstove best in the fall before the furnace kicks in.  It takes the chill off, makes the kettle steam.  When I open its door, I see the gorgeous flames: red, yellow, blue, white.  But right now I'll watch the garden blaze.

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