Thursday, July 30, 2009

Odd Bits

After I had finished packing for my trip to Glimmerglass, I went for a walk, and found the crumpled trash can on the edge of the curb.  I like the lovely destruction.  The trash can is old. It may have been used to burn garden waste, which would explain the holes.  It's finished now, probably crushed under a truck.

I decided to take pictures of man-made objects, like this fire alarm with its eave and cornice..   

But as soon as I reached M.K's garden I could not resist taking a shot of her tomatoes.  She grows them in enriched soil, which she buys and piles in tee-shirts stretched over wire, neck-down.   She uses this method because the ground may be contaminated with lead.  The yield is tremendous and heathy.  Not a bit of rot, even in these weeks of swampy weather. 

Her dahlias are flourishing among the sedums. 


  1. I think that the beautiful garbage can was used as a composter....that would be such a practical use for it and they are often hard to find/buy...
    Now how does that tee-shirt idea work again?
    Have a good trip...

  2. Tomatoes in tee-shirts. Start with chicken wire or any low wire fencing. Make a circle, two to three feet in diameter. Line with large tee-shirt, neck down. Fill one third with compost, chopped leaves; fill the rest with good clean garden soil that has fertilizer already added. Plant tomatoes.

  3. a note- I didn't spend the big bucks for potting soil this year. I used straight compost. The tomatoes seem very happy! Here is a link to a tutorial-

  4. Thanks, Mimi: I'll send link to people who have been asking for more details.