Monday, February 8, 2010

New Orleans Saints Win

The afternoon before the Super Bowl game I looked for auspicious signs and found them. Lavender and blond hair, players in suits on the beach, a confident man in a bright yellow jacket.

Displayed in front of the South Beach police station was a patrol car from 1955.

Almost everyone I spoke to said they were cheering for the Saints but didn't expect them to win. The team from New Orleans took charge of the game in the second half. Brilliance and luck: Tracy Porter's interception for a 74 yard touchdown run. The Saints rolled on and won, 31-17. Odd numbers are lucky.

Fans crowded Ocean Drive in South Beach.

Light shows transformed the buildings.

A Reggie Bush fan the night before the game:

I found him again after the game:

"Yes, they won!" said the man in the rose-colored jacket, and his companion smiled.

The police were out in case of trouble. I saw none.

The gun's on his hip, the cell-camera in his hand.

We walked home; the crowds thinned out, but cars sped by with Saints' flags flying!


  1. Hi Mim

    As Lesley says, 'sounds like fun!' Looks like fun, too...

    Here is a wee excerpt from a message I left you on my blog, just in case you don't see it there (I've been moving oh, so, s l o o o o w l y lately) -

    "... I've enjoyed wandering Meridian Street and its surrounds with you during the weeks you've been holidaying there. The walkways are full of characters and colour - and you have a terrific eye for detail.

    That blue is something, isn't it? The odd thing was that it wasn't in evidence until the camera captured it in this photograph. Does this make the eye more or less accurate than the camera, I wonder?

    Congrats on this evening's Saints/Superbowl victory! The event was enthusiastically covered on Radio NZ's news today!

    L, C"

  2. It was fun, uncomplicated. I love the way fortune shifts on the playing field. At first it seemed the Colts would win, but then the Saints came back strong in the second half.

  3. Of much joy and interest to read, here in "old Europe" in a city, where soccer far too many times turns out to be a rather violent game, when it comes to fans.

    Timesless, so it seems to me, to be a commen theme among these pictures, peaceful as well.
    Thank you for sharing and a wonderful Tuesday for you all.

  4. Hello to you in Athens: South Beach looks new and naive compared with the ruined and beautiful city of your poignant photographs.

  5. Monday I called a friend, and he said he was watching tv the whole night, so that he was awfully tired then. When I asked what he has been watching he said "Well .. SUPERBOWL" like he was wondering that I even ask.
    So, I think I learned something new!
    Nice pictures, esp. of the men in suits and the car.
    And I know what robert(?) means about the violence, so a nice and fun atmosphere is rather unusual to all my prejudices of football ( in germany)Thanks!

  6. Dear Smilla in Cologne: people are still talking about the game and the improbable win by the Saints.

    Yours for underdogs!