Sunday, February 14, 2010

Twilight in South Beach

South Beach does not lose its charm. The game goes on until dark. The wind dies down as it always does at twilight. I watched just as the brilliant light faded to pale blue. Soon pastel blue will give way to gold; gold to darker and darker blue. The evening star rises in a sky just about to go black.

Steps from the game of pick-up basketball, a bumper sticker announces the immanence of the Messiah. The twilight is messianic though wordless, shining on us all. Blasphemy, the orthodox might say.

There is something so satisfying about a ruin, especially when flanked by a thriving plant. This art deco gem is for sale and would take a fortune to restore.

There are children in this expansive tree; none on the climbing bars. Does anyone know the name of this tree? It might be a strangler fig with the strangling root-vines cut off.

These branches are bare but in a few months they will be loaded with bloom. Royal Poinciana will burst out in scarlet.

I like to gather up what might seem like dissonant notes.


  1. And what fascinating dissonant notes they are!

    I love stopping by your blog and always leave inspired. Thank-you!

  2. Dissonant notes indeed, but played together they create such harmony. Thanks, Mim.

  3. Perhaps that's our job: to link dissonant notes.

    Yours for drifting and linking!

  4. damn, it's snowing here today and you are shirking your shoveling responsibilities!!!!

  5. Melissa: I'm so glad to escape the snowy cold and hope that one day you will too by coming to South Beach.

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