Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl: the Saints

The spirit of New Orleans has come to South Beach. It is carnival on Ocean Drive, which, as the police say, was closed to all vehicular traffic.

Manning of the Colts is reduced to a kneeling position.

There was dancing and shots of "Who dat!"

The man in the gold helmet said, "To think we've lived to see this." It's the Saints first superbowl. He kissed my hand.

The math adds up. Maybe the planets are aligned for the Saints' victory.

Tropical tops, boots for the Arctic.


Football is a dangerous sport but if it takes football to get us all together, I'm for it.

I'll be cheering for the Saints tonight and wearing black and gold. Early this morning I dreamed of girls filing into a church to pray for the Saints.


  1. So, it really took me a long while, not to take the carnival part too serious. If you, like me, live in cologne, and your read carnival, you put it the main subject..
    Now I realize, its about football, and I totally agree, if this is what brings us all together; I'm for it aswell, even if I don't know nothing at all about it !

  2. Super Bowl usually doesn't have much carnival spirit, but this year the style is different. The odds are against the Saints but luck could be on their side.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your photos of Carnival in Cologne.

  3. I'm not into football but I'm all for harmless celebrations that take the edge of life's difficulties.

    I hope you enjoy the game.

  4. The Saints took charge and won!