Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gay Pride Parade, South Beach

The mood of today's parade was exuberant. There were cheers for men in committed relationships. (The couples wore banners that stated the number of years together.) There were cheers for drag queens, lipstick dykes, Harley-Davidson riders, students, Mayor Bower, Miami Beach Commissioners, political action groups, mothers of gay sons. Some say these parades do no good. I don't agree. After so many years of secrecy and fear of violence, it's time to strut!


  1. That really looks great, and quite familiar to me; Cologne is THE gay city in germany. Many gay men move to cologne, just bause of this reason; it's easy to live their sexual orientation, and to be just accepted in cologne. I Think these parades do good, I agree with you. And you founfd just the right words. We have the christopher streetday at the 14th of july, and thats a big thing for the gay commune; party all over the place!
    Mim, hope your fine! all the best, smilla

  2. Thanks, T. Clear.

    Smilla, all is well. I'm packing up to return to Boston and will miss South Beach. Today's parade reminded me of your photos of Carnival in Cologne.

  3. Oh, great fun....
    thanks, Mim...

  4. color, joy, i hear music in your pix, mim!
    glad youre coming "home"...yay!

  5. What hope providing colourful entry of yours. Makes one wonder whether someting alike would be possible over here in Athens, Greece.
    A wonderful start into the new week for you.