Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fine Morning

It was good to go out this morning after a difficult time, walk to Provence, a cafe in South Beach, drink a coffee and eat a brioche before the place filled up. Province is a good cafe. (Forget about pricey "Paul" on Lincoln Road.)

Travelers from Germany scanned the menu.

From toothsome pleasure at Provence, I walked on to bookish pleasure at the library and checked out the 18th century, Chinese novel, Dream of the Red Chamber, which I would not have chosen if it weren't for my reading group friends. The title of the first chapter: "In which Chen Shih-yin meets the Stone of Spiritual Understanding."

The South Beach Local went down Washington Avenue, the elegant man in the red cap among us.

Please tell me what you are reading. What did you see today that held your interest?


  1. i love that the texture of brioche is so distinctive that your photograph instantly conveys a seductive aromatic chewiness.

    1. Mind of the Raven, by Bernd Heinrich
    2. a small ...cyst? ...benign & delicate spherical growth? that sat just atop the tear duct of the left eye of the man who came to deliver the new electric dryer, but couldn't because he was not legally allowed to disengage the broken gas-powered dryer.

  2. Good, Susan. Thank you. I'm glad the texture came through.

    Surprising: your noticing the 'cyst.' Perhaps it was a milium, (I had to look up the singular form of "milia.")

    Your post about working at home inspired me to shoot the brioche.

  3. Only able to see the first image.

    As there's nearly nothing as honest as bread for me, this was which tooke me interest.
    Please have a good weekend.

    daily athens

  4. Brioche may be 'dishonest' bread since it's not simple.

    Greetings to you in Athens . . .

  5. it's funny, the first time I've read this in my reader I immediately became jealous about those germans.

    now, after blogger broke down for several days, reading it again; guess what? I'M still jealous. Those two germans have been so close to you without having an idea about it.

    So, obviously I identify with them, (strange enough)..

    warm regards, smilla

  6. Hello, Smilla--there were in all four Germans. I had a shot of them all at their table but blogger ate the shot and not I can't find it. We talked for a while; they posed for the photo. They ordered a full breakfast.

    All the best to you in Cologne, where you take your vibrant photos . . .