Saturday, May 14, 2011

Post Office Pleasure

A child plays at the fountain inside the United States Post Office on 13th Street in South Beach, where I like to buy stamps. If I time it right, there's not much of a line and I can speak with an actual person. FedEx and UPS have been useful but I don't want to give up the post office. The writer Zadie Smith called people like me and herself, '1.0 people.'

On the ceiling above the fountain the light makes a lessor sun. The painted-on stars shine.

Do you send actual letters? Do you go to the post office? I confess: I go less and less. This morning I was glad I dropped mail into the post office slot.


  1. A great mean to measure time and life. Once I wrote with a fountain pen ... must be years since.
    Send last Tuesday a letter to enrole into a 'distant learning program' of a German University via the Internet.

    Please have a good Sunday.

  2. Hello, Robert in Athens--do you remember the color of that pen and ink you once used? The 'distant' in 'distant learning' says it all.

    Be well . . .

  3. This seems a lovely post office, Mim. I don't send letters these days, only cards, b-days etc, and it does feel delightfully old-fashioned to slip one into the post box.

  4. nmj--

    The design of the 13th Street post office is delightful. There should be more workers, which would make for shorter lines.

    I've been to your town but not to any of its post offices.