Tuesday, May 17, 2011


South Beach is tropical--the same longitude as Vietnam. In May the temperature reaches the nineties. It's a common notion that life in the tropics slows down as the temperature rises. Human life may slow down. People may stroll rather than race--stroll with their parasols. You see them here. While the human pace slows, plants, compared to those up north, seem to riot and bolt. The passion vine races, poinciana speeds, palms shoot up. It's wild. The plants could be running on Cuban coffee. If I drank it I'd be jumping out of my skin. For me: green tea, a parasol, and a willingness to stroll, though I don't stroll easily. I've lived up north for years, where people race and trees need a hundred years to reach their full height.


  1. The last sentence is great !

    Temperature over here about 75F during midday. Life, slowing down indeed. Even though, a bit of a rush would do good. After those seven years living here, still have to make me 'northern-ness' getting used to it.

  2. Thanks, Robert, in warm Athens . . .

  3. If there's someting I love/hate about tropical climate is the slowing down. Sometimes it does get grating, though. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  4. Mim, it's Armageddon today, as you've probably heard. Blimey, by the time you read this it might already have happened in Blighty!

    I have a strong feeling you (and even I) will be ok

    Happy Rapture!