Sunday, May 17, 2009

Walk after Rain

It rained hard this morning, and it seemed as if the plants were zooming up as the rain fell. As soon as I left the house, taking the brick path near the black oak, the rain let up; it was cool, overcast, fresh, few people about. 

My neighbor made the globe out of colored bits of glass as a memorial for her cat, "Spanky."

I wanted to take a picture of a woman jogging, but did not.  Iffy for amateurs like me to photograph strangers without asking permission.  She was moving so quickly there wasn't time.  

Now home; oven lit to take the chill off.  Tomorrow night I'll be leaving for South Beach; where, I'm told, the ocean is hot as coffee.  Not that I mind this cool--for walking.  It's too cold to ride the waves. 


  1. I love the way rain cleans everything, and how the plants zoom up. Spanky is lucky to have such a beautiful globe. 'Ocean hot as coffee', we can only dream of that in UK.

  2. Hello, nmj. It's raining again, washing the trees. For warmth in the UK: there are always those hot water bottles in their cozy covers.