Friday, May 22, 2009

Poetry Reading: Books & Books

Since it was Florida, since it was Books and Books, the reading was festive and off beat. While some people drank wine, Denise Duhamel led off with "Delta Flight 659, to Sean Penn," which she calls a "mock sestina," with every line ending with a variation of the actor's last name.  The reading was taped, and Denise encouraged us to clap hard because she said--with ironic humor--the video might be shown on TV and make her famous.  She read another sestina, "I Dreamed I Wrote a Sestina in My Maidenform Bra"--"A-cup breasts," "nubbins"; "Be-cups," "snubbins"; "C-cups droopers"; "D-cups super droopers"--and held up a poster of the fireman's and her favorite Maidenform ad, "I dreamt I went to blazes in my Maidenform bra."

More poets read.  There were poems about rowing, poems about the Jersey shore.  One poet wore wings and threw pornographic pictures onto the floor.  I'm not sure why.  I sat back and listened.  


  1. I love this....a poet with wings. I'm so cranky that I can't imagine that persona, but it's a lovely concept.. I do need, please, to buy a book of your poems...

  2. She was lovely in her wings, which didn't go with the pornographic pictures, which she flung at the audience. I'll bring a copy of my book to you at the Bagel Bards.