Friday, May 29, 2009


The tree has many names; Poinciana, for M. Poinci, 17th century governor of the French Antilles, Flame Tree, Mohur Tree, Red Flame, Royal Poinciana, Flamboyant Tree.

This one is flaming on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Thirteenth Street in South Beach, its span at least fifty feet.  

I had a cousin who believed that red was disreputable.  The Flame Tree is scarlet, red with an orange tint.  Red, scarlet, vermillion, crimson, carmine, rose: my favorite colors.


  1. I tried to find on YouTube a vocal version of the song Poinciana, but could not. It is a standard and everybody did it and they are available at other sites at a modest $.99 per download. However, there are instrumental covers on YouTube, especially a two performances by Ahmad Jamal. One version of the lyrics is below, but they are so banal, to me, that they cannot stand without the gorgeous melody.

    Blow...tropic wind...
    Sing a song...through the trees.

    Trees...sigh to me...
    Soon my love...I will see.

    Your branches speak to me of love.
    Pale moon is casting shadows from above.

    Somehow I feel the jungle heat
    Within me, there grows a rhythmic, savage

    Love is everywhere, its magic perfume fills the air.
    To and fro, you sway, my heart's in time,
    I've learned to care.

    Though skies may turn from blue to gray,
    My love will live for ever and a day.

    Blow....tropic wind,
    Sing a song through the trees.
    Trees...sigh to me
    Soon my love... I will see.


  2. You are very lucky to have Bluedog keeping a watch on your words...
    for my part, I am glad that your favorite colors are disreputable...

  3. Thanks for the lyrics, Bluedog. I have the melody in my head. Melissa, I'm glad you appreciate scarlet letters.