Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Crazy USA: Prunes

This is a crazy country I thought this morning as I read these words on the package of prunes from Publix market: "A lotta healthy love in a little bitty fruit."  Insulting!  Had focus groups advised the prune-packagers to appeal to the demented, the elderly, the childish?  "Who put the love in the little bitty fruit?" I asked John.  Then I remembered a song from our youth.  "Who put the love in the rama-lama ding dong?" I sang.

"Not love," John said.  "Dong.  Who put the dong in the rama-lama ding dong?"

It turns out that the correct question is: "Who put the ram in the rama-lama ding dong?"  Was it the same being who put love in the little bitty fruit?  

Maybe the words on the package of prunes were spiritual: a gift of love for the love-starved.

In addition to these disgustingly cute messages, we also have "Nutrition Facts," a chart giving us serving size, calories, total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, potassium, total carbohydrate, dietary fiber, sugars, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron.  These charts are now printed on every can, every package of food, apparently with the mistaken belief that we are unable to figure out what type of food we are eating--whether a food is sweet, and can't be trusted to know that fruit is not a high protein food.  Aren't prunes famous for fiber? What might be helpful to know is the amount of insecticide residue.          


  1. LOL - I love that one of your labels for this post is, "rama-lama ding dong". I would be delighted to have that label on more than one post.

    That scene with Hampl and her father with the florist's knife is an amazing one, I agree. And I cried when he died. She handled both relationships with such delicacy, grace, and honesty, which can be so difficult with such complex relationships with parents.

  2. Hey Mim, It seems that all advertising is delivered to us as if we are imbeciles...TV adverts for women's beauty products rile me most...there was one not so long ago where the woman was so pleased with her waxed legs that she fell off the bed with delight.

  3. nmj, fell off the bed with delight at her waxed legs! This apparently is the height of passion for women, except when they are caressing their perfume bottles.

    Sarah, to be totally silly: Hare Krishna, hare Rama.

  4. I actually like the idea of 'love' written on a package of prunes. Imagine how much easier it is not to have to admit to the purpose of eating prunes, but to pretend they are love bits. Actually, I like the taste of prunes...
    And I like all that information on packages because I think most people are mindless about what they are putting in their mouths. The problem is getting people who don't care to read about the fat, sugar and salt content. But I imagine anyone starting a diet who has never tried one really finds those listings useful.
    And I particularly like rama-lama ding dong.....

  5. Mazlow's Hierarchy Dried Fruits:

    Physical :: Fruit Leather
    Safety :: Apricots
    Social :: Prunes
    Esteem :: Figs
    Actualization :: Cranberries