Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Dreamt of Larry Summers . . .

Dreams do what they want.  Last night I dreamt of Larry Summers, Director of the President's National Economic Council.  Summers was choosing a bride and I was in the running, though I hadn't entered the contest. He chose another poet, who will remain nameless.

Larry--I may call him by his first name now that he's entered my dreams--drew me aside.  "I would have chosen you," he said, "if you weren't wearing that army jacket."  "But I've had it since 1957," I said, meaning I wasn't going to give up my ideals.  Those of us who wore army surplus were against the establishment.    

I wore that jacket all through the sixties.  It was the warmest jacket I ever owned, light weight, dark khaki.  I'd never betray it.