Tuesday, March 9, 2010

After Taxes

If the only taxes I had to pay were bar taxes, like the man in the cartoon, I wouldn't have to pay very much. Today I filed federal returns thru Turbo Tax, which works fine for federal, not so good for state. I'll do those myself. After tedious tasks, it makes sense to treat oneself, which I did. I put on my red blouse and walked down Meridian Avenue to Cafe a la Folie, where I drank a good Bordeaux. Tell me, how do you treat yourself?

Lovers embraced.

I had a view of inside and outside.

A patron stretched out at the bar.

On my walk, doors to courtyards previously locked were open. White flowering begonias flourished outside--have you seen them starved on windowsills up north?

I had never seen this fountain up close.

The cat ignored me.

The most sexual of flowers, the male sex, that is.

And a tree harboring a bromeliad.

Are you done with your taxes?


  1. My treat: chocolate cake. Made with butter.

  2. I've done my taxes for this year, Mim. I do them every Christmas holidays and wait till the accountant sends another letter with a series of queries I must first answer before he can submit my taxes to the tax department.

    Like most people I hate taxes but I also recognize our need for them. They help to keep our lives more civilized.

    I treat myself with a glass of sparkling burgundy.

  3. It took me three years to study here in Athens to become an Accountant as well. Ever since it has become a kind of hobby to see how much I can cope on me own with local tax authorities, and if in need I do give the work to a good friend of mine, sharing a couple of Ouzo glasses before/afterwards makes it much a joy.
    Wishing you a great return and a nice Wednesday as well.

  4. Burgundy, Ouzo, chocolate cake. Let's toast each other and eat.

  5. PS: the IRS accepted my tax return, which I filed electronically. We owe three dollars.

  6. A triumph, Mim!

    I love the tabby and the fountain. The lush plants, too - those on ground level for easy admiration or picking, and the bromeliad, aloft and aloof; within sight but not within reach.

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  8. Thank you, Claire.

    It was chance that those courtyard doors were open, but it seemed more than chance.

  9. So beautiful places in your pictures! I wish I could take that little walk also!
    My treat for tonight; ginger tea, and a warm blanket.
    Maybe a small glass of red wine later..
    I`m quite nervous about the report on tv today... I wish you could see it, and give me an honest feedback later...
    All the best, smilla

  10. All good luck with the TV report, Smilla. I wish I could see it here in the states.

    Be well!