Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sunshine Award

I'm delighted. The talented, bright, young Lewis William,, has nominated my blog for the Sunshine Award. Lewis has an eye for fashion and a zest for London night life. If it weren't for blog-land, never in a million years would I have met him or blog friends in distant places.

Here are the rules of this award:

-Send it on - nominate 12 bloggers
-Put the logo in your sidebar or within a post
-Link the nominees within your post
-Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog
-Share by linking the person from whom you received the award

  • '. . . All finite things re... by an artist and poet from New Zealand remarkably sensitive to the natural world.

  • American Witch Poet Annie Finch's surprising witchy comments.

  • anders-anziehen Anders-anziehen means "dressing differently." Smilla Dankert from Cologne posts vibrant photos of people who catch her eye. She quotes them, gives their names. Among the very best of the street fashion blogs!

  • daily athens News and photos from Athens by an observer with discernment and empathy.

  • David Lebovitz This man loves to eat and knows how to cook. He lives in Paris. Every one of his recipes that I've made has been delicious.

  • Doll Mimi Kirschner, artist doll maker, gives us a wonderful look at her creations. I love the photos of her studio.

  • Mark Doty Poet Mark Doty writes the most generous of blogs, often praising the work of other writers.

  • melissa shook I believe her when she describes herself as a listener because she writes vivid stories of those she meets and posts evocative photos. A candid blog.

  • Radish King Poet Rebecca Loudon is an expert at verbal high jinks. Wildly lyrical, often funny writing from this Seattle based poet.

  • Reading and Writing and the... Ellen Steinbaum opens her thoughtful blog to poets by asking them to post a poem and write about its source. She also posts recipes. Her peach pie is superb.

  • Reading the Signs Lyrical, literate, wry. The English write so well!

  • sixthinline Elizabeth brings her family to life. It seems there is nothing she won't write about--intelligently!

The Dishwasher's Tears Photo montage and wide-ranging posts from an artist police officer, meditator. Forget your assumptions about the police.

  • Topics and Events Super-literary. Alfred Corn's essay about Borges is very fine, among other posts.

  • velo-gubbed-legs Novelist Nasim Marie Jafry, author of The State of Me writes her irreverent blog from Scotland. I love her language! Especially the Scots words.

  • Vesper Sparrow's Nest Melissa Green quotes brilliantly--an education--and writes eloquently. She is a distinguished poet and memoirist.


  1. Dear Mim, thank you so much for your wonderful words!! You make me happy.Have a great sunny day! smilla

  2. Well Mim, my third ever award. I'm chuffed. I'll have to figure out how I accept the award. I'm sure you'll be okay if I receive it in bits.

    When I was in grade five, and ten years old I bought a raffle ticket for a penny and won, a wooden windmill, shaped like a clock.

    I have never forgotten this prize. I am not one to win competitions and so it pleases me greatly to receive your award, along with other such exciting bloggers, some of whom I already know, others whom I'll soon visit.

    Thanks, Mim.

  3. Mim, You are kind with your award, am glad you enjoy my language, thank you. I have already enjoyed dipping into some of the blogs above you have highlighted. NASIM

  4. You're a gem, Mim.

    Thank you for this. L, C

  5. Concratulations upon this award !

    Thank you as well very much for the honour. It will be of much joy to receive and to reply to it in an adequate manner. Just allow me a bit of time. Thanking you once again. Please have a nice start into the new week.

  6. Good morning--it's lovely and bright here today--to far flung friends. Your blogs are not slick, which is one of the reasons I like them so much.

  7. hello Miriam, thank you for your kind words, your good presence.

    My mother always said, "we're not really English, you know" (she being a refugee), and I always took it for granted that I wasn't - really. But I am, actually, and it's fine - and blogging (strangely) is the thing that has revealed this to me.

  8. Thanks so much for nominating me! I will now go check out all those other blogs- they look fantastic!

  9. Mimi K.: I bet you're pruning your roses.

  10. Dear Mim, thank you for reading me so steadily and with such care. I hope when Melissa gets well, the three of us might meet. I'm very interested in your book and would be so pleased to see you in person,
    with a copy of it under your arm!