Saturday, January 5, 2013

South Beach Again!

Wishing you all a fine year ahead.  2013!  Deadlines, and the usual, have kept me away from the blogosphere.  It's warming to be back in South Beach, where I'm looking down at the darkest green and ahead to blue.

Tell me: where are you and what do you see?


  1. Dear Mim - you have been missed! Happy to know you're back in South Beach. Here in NZ I am looking out on a mirror-harbour, my hundred-year old rata tree about to burst into an exuberance of red pin-cushion flowers. It's taking its time this year - will flower a month later than usual; the nectar feeders are learning patience!
    Love to you
    Claire xo

  2. Claire, dear:
    You've given me a view, in the moment.
    I'm so glad to connect.
    Yours for patience,
    Be well.

  3. Living-room, window towards the street, small garden with small Lemon- and Orangetrees, cats start their night walks, finally bit of silence, people heat with wood and their fire places instead of oil and heating. Smells strong during the evening hours in the streets. I wear two pullovers. Please have a good Sunday ahead.

  4. Robert:
    A poem, a fine list poem! I get the picture and the sensations--a sense of you in place.

    Warm regards from South Beach . . .

  5. Hey Mim, In the day, I see magpies and a blackbird and sometimes a cheeky squirrel. And I can hear blue tits, but they don't stay still long enought to see them. And I can't see the fox, but I know it is there 'cos it steals the birdfood from the garden during the night. Enjoy the warmth of South Beach and send some here, please!

  6. Ola, Nasim. Cheeky--love to hear your kind of words, the kind I don't hear in the States. Magpies and blue tits in your part of the world. You see, hear without seeing, and sense presence of fox. O those canny foxes.
    Yours for creatures . . .

  7. Ah, I did see the fox briefly in summer, it was wonderful, one night I woke up and looked out and there he was, bold as a cartoon fox with his big tail... also, can see these deflated balloons from kitchen, the last few days:!/velogubbed/media/slideshow?