Sunday, March 24, 2013

South Beach Victory Garden

This Sunday morning at the garden allotment, the tomatoes were in flower--there's fruit, too--the cosmos open, and kamatsu and red mustard big for braising.

Compost does it's job, deepening green.

Are cosmos flowers edible?  Must I ask the great god Google?

Katmatsu struts its stuff.  (The stems are struts, all right.)

On the walk home I bought garlic and ginger for miso.  If I get the go-ahead about cosmos flowers, I'l float a few in the soup.  Miso is cooking light.

Are you cooking today?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trip Up North: Witch Hazel, Crack, etc.

In March, J. shows up on a country road in New Hampshire, D.P. sits in the sun with her paintings in Harvard Square, M.S. picks out a scarf to wear to dinner in Chelsea; witch hazel opens, and three people smoke crack near the Charles River, and blissfully I forget about myself.  Tell me: where are you and what do you see?