Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trip Up North: Witch Hazel, Crack, etc.

In March, J. shows up on a country road in New Hampshire, D.P. sits in the sun with her paintings in Harvard Square, M.S. picks out a scarf to wear to dinner in Chelsea; witch hazel opens, and three people smoke crack near the Charles River, and blissfully I forget about myself.  Tell me: where are you and what do you see?      


  1. Thank you for these impressions of your environment. Still in the living room watching the Orange tree to blossom in a week or two. Windy currently. Spring seems to arrive with a blast.
    Yes, life seems to have become a challenge for so many.

  2. Robert:
    Good to connect. Will the scent of orange blossoms eventually reach you? Windy, bright, cool here, too, on March 21.
    Be well,

  3. Thanks for these beautiful photos. From my kitchen window all I can is sleet. Spring should be here but is not. I still like the landscape, though.

    Greetings from London.

  4. Cuban:

    O London cold!

    Sending warm regards from South Beach so close to Cuba . . .

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