Thursday, November 19, 2009


Through the kitchen door I can see the moths gathering in the light. The temperature has dropped to forty degrees. There will probably be a frost. The moths have found the back door light, which gives off a little heat.

We are surrounded and inhabited by living things but mostly look at each other. When I suddenly see moths cluster I'm shocked and delighted.


  1. Oh, this is nice.
    If I find a fly or a bee at the window inside, I put a cup over it, slide a paper under it and put it outside.
    If I kill a spider, I apologize, knowing you're not to kill spiders.
    I've never had moths at my window.

  2. The moths are out again tonight, flickering up and down the driveway, putting themselves against the windows and the back door. Clouds of them.

  3. it's so warm..the poor moths are confused...i have always liked them..they are so friendly, not at all scary.