Saturday, November 28, 2009

Odds and Ends

It's been a day of contrasts. Bright and dark. The morning began with drizzling rain; the sky cleared, and for a few hours it was orangey bright. I've just turned on the bubble-light bouquet,
the liquid in the stems surges: yellow, violet, and blue.

Anyone who comes to see us will have to pass through the moths that cling in hearts and half-heart shapes to the glass and clapboards. The camera's flash drew more, confusing them.

It's soup weather. I've more or less followed Julia Child's recipe for lentil soup but used the orange and brown lentils I had in the pantry rather than running out to buy French lentils, though I will do the French thing: puree some of the thick mash in the blender. J. came home from his walk-in-the-dark around Fresh Pond, and a stop at the market for a baguette. I just broke off the small crusty tip--can't call it a heel; it's too small; OK, an infant's heel. I love the crusty bits and do not understand why some people do not eat the crust.

Earlier today, driving home from the Bagel Bards, a group of poets who meet every Saturday morning at Au Bon Pain in Davis Square, and a trip afterwards to the Good Will with Ms. M., Ms. S. and Mr. B. I thought of a way to begin a poem I've been mulling over. I wasn't thinking about poetry as I drove, just watching the road, and the line came. It might work.

PS: At Goodwill, M. looked at me intently and said, "You're happy." Yes, I love to grub in thrift shops. She does not and had the good sense to leave me and Ms. S. to our romping, discriminating, greedy, grubbing, while she went back to Au Bon Pain for something to eat. Mr. B. was downstairs, so I can't say anything about his shopping habits.


  1. I love your bubble light bouquet but must break some bad news. The liquid making the bubbles is a highly toxic carcinogen, methylene chloride, and the label should have all sorts of warnings. Not to mention the perils of GLASS! California has banned the product. Keep your grandchildren at least twenty feet away. And in case of breakage do not breath.

  2. Oh, my dog, this warning is worse than the one on the glass dishes. I want to buy those dishes and I envied the bubble light bouquet. And I'm sad to read what I believe/imagine/know (because so little is free of danger now except those moths) of Bluedog's warning.

    I'm glad he's watching out for you....

  3. Oh, Bluedog: I'll be careful. I've always loved these Christmas lights but will probably bring them to the toxic waste disposal after Christmas.

    We humans have spread a lot of poison. Let the moths reign!

  4. Thrift-store shopping is a pleasure like no other. I will be forever fascinated by what it is that people discard. And -- it's a great way to recycle and be "green".

    It's soup weather indeed! French onion for me, with a turkey stock.

  5. i wish i'd bought that chinese vest, just for the pleasure of the raggedy brown bits.....

  6. I was afraid to buy it. The vest seemed inhabited by the former owner, but like you I can remember those brown ties cut from an old stocking.

  7. I guess it's been a while since I lived in Davis Square -- there was no Au Bon Pan there -- just a Dunkin Donuts and Mr. Speedy! I think it's time for a visit back. I will look for poets!

  8. Susan: stop by. All welcome. Nine to noon every Saturday. A lively group, no one acting like an ego maniac.