Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shadow Self Portrait

I'm not sure why this photo gives me so much pleasure: shadow silhouette on a lichen encrusted rock, perhaps because it corresponds to the ephemeral state of life. Oh, no, that's too ponderous. I love the shape, the little tail of my scarf, the peak of my hat, the absence of most color. Not that I mind seeing myself in a mirror, colored in, so to speak.

I once heard Jean Rhys say, 'Nature does not care for us?' But it must sense us, the lichen quiver imperceptibly when covered in shadow.


  1. I'm taken by Jean Rhys's words: 'Nature does not care for us'.

    It rained here today heavily. On the oosite side of the world we've been in drought mode for several years. Suddenly in the last few days the rain has fallen thick and fast.

    Feast or famine. 'Nature does not care for us'.

    On the other hand, nature provides an honest mirror. Your shadow on the lichen crusted rock is wonderful.

  2. Nature may not care for us but it does feel us. Unfortunately we humans have a heavy tread.