Tuesday, November 10, 2009


What is the cache of such dull designs as a Burberry plaid or a Vuitton bag? Conforming designs for the rich or those who want to appear rich. Shades of brown and beige predominate along with a safe stupefying repetition.

You'd never catch Iris Apfel with a Vuitton bag. She's no conformist--let's bring back that word!--whether she's toning down colors or amping them up.

From the website "Art Knowledge News":

Elements of Style According to Iris Apfel:
  1. Never take yourself or an outfit too seriously.
  2. Visit the animal kingdom.
  3. Consider the clergy.
  4. Travel widely.
  5. Go high and low.
  6. Don’t fret about your age.
  7. Don’t be afraid to stop traffic.

Consider the clergy? Does she mean we should dress like the pope?


  1. i have always thought Burberry was quite literally pulling the wool over the eyes of fashionistas...it's perfectly horrid looking--don't you think it's a British prank?

  2. It seems like a prank but maybe those who wear it like to look as if they have never felt desire.

  3. Oh, she's too gorgeous....
    this is a wonderful post...

  4. There's a display of Apfel's clothes at the Peabody Essex Museum. She's something! I wonder whether the jewelry builds up her muscles.

  5. It's time for the Burberry look to go.

    Clergy. Hmm. That's a bit troubling, except for the fact that they wear a lot of black. I'd be hard pressed to don a pontiffesque toque, though!

  6. I enjoy this blog- http://advancedstyle.blogspot.com/
    always- the great glasses!

  7. this is gorgeous! ...don't be afraid to stop traffic...wonderful.
    i would love to post this, if you allow, with a link to your blog. May I? i think it would be a great advice for the new year.
    I`ve seen her before on advanced style, this woman is amazing. And it`s just great to see her in your blog this morning, while feeling blue and having a cold... Thank you!!