Saturday, November 7, 2009


J. and I have been together for almost fifty years, but I'm still surprised when I'm reminded of how different we are. The other day I was shocked when I opened the trunk of the car we are sharing and found what a friend would call a "vignette." All of the trunk's contents belong to J.: ice poles for winter trekking, water bottles, rope, heavy shoes, a maul, an old pill bottle full of dry strike-anywhere matches; inside the gray case are all sorts of gizmos for starting fires without matches, including lint, which catches easily. Does he soak it some fuel? I said "maul," but I don't really know if that's the correct term for the tool with the long yellow handle. I can hardly lift it. There's a hammer and two bags of fire wood. J. likes to go into the woods by himself. He doesn't carry a gun, but there must be a knife in the kit somewhere. If I shifted the bags I would probably find a hatchet.

I wouldn't dream of going into the woods by myself. I might with J. In an emergency he could save my life; in the wild, I doubt I could be useful to him.


  1. So Bluedog is a woodsman too.

  2. this post works particularly well in tandem with the previous, and the
    wonderful purse you bought. makes me think of the title, if not the content, of Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried.

  3. The iceman carried an inventory of survival gear. You can Google it.

  4. I like J. not necessarily for the contents, but for the fact that the car is the place to store all of that, summer and winter.... definitely a man after my own heart, but not necessarily in bluedogs way...