Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Duck Tour

Today we're going on the Boston Duck Tour with our grandson Matty. In the past when John and I used to see the Duck Tour pass, we'd sneer and make quack-quack sounds, but as soon as our friend Alan told us he was taking his granddaughter on the tour, we thought, What a great idea. A perfect tour for a four-year old. We'll ride in an amphibious vehicle that will go from the street into the Charles River.

It's cloudy today; there will be showers, but the tour goes rain or shine. I'm glad it's not too hot, and I won't be making quack-quack noises or groaning at the canned spiel. Have I ever mellowed! But I'm drawing the line on amusement parks. Matty likes roller coasters. Not for me. I get vertigo when I'm two feet off the ground.


  1. I had a chance to take a duck tour five or six years ago, part of perks of a group I was volunteering with. I actually loved being on it, especially when it went under the bridge near the Science Museum and down into the water. I'm not a person who quacks, but I love odd experiences that I would not necessarily chose to go on or pay to go on.

    I would not, however, try a roller coaster or anything like it. I have various forms of phobias and elevators and airplanes are sufficiently threatening.

    I hope you had a good time and that Matty was very pleased with quacking.

  2. Absolutely, yes, as Matty would say. We had a very good time. I also liked going amphibious, down the channel, past the old locks, and under the bridge. Many sailboats were out. I quaked!