Friday, August 21, 2009

Our List: Glamorous Perils

John and I have a list in progress of things that thrilled and intrigued us when we were kids. We saw them in movies and comics. Every Saturday afternoon I went to the movies in Passaic, either the Capital, the Central or the Montauk, and would come out shocked and disoriented because I passed from cool darkness into hot, bright, dazzling light.

None of these things did we ever see in real life: avalanches, boa constrictors, leg irons, galley slaves, flogging--galley slaves were always flogged--flaming arrows, trap doors, moats, periscopes, shrunken heads, railway handcars, etc. You must have had movie-produced perils of your own. I'd like to see your list.

"Sweat boxes" are on ours. The Little King, in the comic of his name, would sit inside a metal box to sweat in order to lose weight. He was chubby.

We're going on with our list, laughing as we add another peril, for a while not thinking of more possible dangers close at hand.


  1. Yes. How could I have forgotten! Thanks, R.

  2. film car chases, when I was age five, terrified me! now - I love them!

  3. And I bet you've never been in one, Julia.

  4. i saw a movie so terrifying that i wonder now if i imagined it...giant spiders at the beach. the worst! at the beach, the special place that was wonderful and sane and calm in my childhood...overrun with these horrid things, huge, huge ones...
    does anyone else remember this movie? was it a dream?